Eye problems can be a very scary ordeal and should not be taken lightly. Any loss of vision, color changes to the eyes, swelling around the eye or bulging of the eye can signify a serious medical emergency. The Veterinary Center of Hudson provides basic and advanced medical and surgical treatments for a wide range of ocular problems. Luckily, most eye problems if treated early enough, can result in a good prognosis. Some of the services provided at VCH include:

  • Entropian surgery (inward rolling of the eyelids)
  • Ectopic cilia removal ( extra eyelashes that irritate the cornea)
  • Cosmetic cherry-eye repair to preserve normal tear function as opposed to removing the lacrimal gland
  • Conjunctival flaps to repair severe deep corneal ulcers
  • Treatment for infections that cause conjunctivitis
  • Mandatory Glaucoma screening for all older patients