Behavioral and Medical Director of Bed & Bark


Andrea graduated from Brown Mackie College in Applied Sciences. A registered veterinary technician and certified professional dog trainer, knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA). Andrea has been a part of the VCH family since June of 2018. Andrea has a daughter, two canines Luna (Husky), Mac (Lab), Cupcake (boa), Damen, Lilith, and Charlie (ball pythons). She started out at the humane society and adopted a very troubled husky that inspired her to take a strong interest in behavior in order to help her. After finding a mentor at the humane society, I started taking and interest in helping other troubled dogs adapt and stay in their loving homes. VCH has helped me blossom into a better version of myself. With a strong support system, I have been able to help others better understand their dogs and help owners strengthen their canine/human bond.