Firework Safety

It’s firework season! Between the 4th of July, fairs and festivals, and maybe just some rowdy neighbors, there are sure to be plenty of loud and bright displays in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately, while fireworks may be fun for us, our canine companions may not always agree. Fear of noise is a fairly…

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VCH Welcomes Dr. Shane DeWitt

Dr. Shane DeWitt VCH is excited to welcome our third full-time veterinarian, Dr. Shane DeWitt. Dr. DeWitt joins the VCH family after practicing Equine Medicine for 13 years. Dr. DeWitt is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He received a DVM degree from The Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island….

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Canine Respiratory Coronavirus Exposure

On Saturday March 26th we had a patient that was presented with a 1 day history of coughing and sneezing after being at a boarding facility. Dr. Bestic took immediate action and recommended a respiratory panel to find out the exact cause. The test came back positive last night for canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV). Although…

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