Heat Stroke in Dogs

With the warm weather comes the increased risk of heat stroke (hyperthermia) in our pets. While we all enjoy having our dog join us when playing outside or taking a car ride, dogs cannot eliminate heat as effectively as we can and they can become overheated very quickly. Once the body temperature rises to 105…

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New After Hours Veterinary Support

Dear Clients, Because we are constantly striving to provide you the best care possible, we provide you after-hours veterinary care support! Starting February 1, if you have a question after hours simply call our practice and you will have access to care at no additional charge! If the issue is non-emergent we will help you…

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We will be holding staff meetings every 1st Tuesday of every month from 12-2pm. During this time we will not be available to answer calls and perform any over-the-counter transactions. Your pets are safe and will be resting during this time. Staff meetings and training help us continue to provide the high standards we give toward your pet’s care. The Veterinary Center…

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AAHA Accedited For Over 6 Years

We have been AAHA accredited for over 6 years now! We are so proud to share the news with our clients and friends. It is important to us to practice medicine with the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association. We continue providing the best care for our patients each and every year since our first. Animal focused,…

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